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What Is Teeth Whitening?

A playful smile is a part of a happy, healthy mouth. Everyday factors like coffee and tea and ageing can add to the teeth’ continuous staining, resulting in a dull, worn-out look teeth whitening.
The most reliable and most efficient method to earn back your teeth’ shine is with teeth whitening prescribed or performed by a dentist.

Teeth whitening is a common and beneficial method to give you whiter teeth in one hour.
Applying light technology with a hydrogen peroxide method, Teeth Whitening works to remove stains and discolouration of the teeth, make them whiter and brighter contact us anytime.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth Whitening uses a scientifically formulated, pH balanced hydrogen peroxide as its key whitening agent. Your dentist will protect the mouth and lips areas sensitive to teeth whitening to ensure that only the teeth are exposed.

Once applied, the Zoom! The whitening gel is activated by a specially designed whitening lamp, enabling it to penetrate the teeth to eliminate and break up staining and discolouration.

Teeth Whitening is so successful because it effectively penetrates the enamel (the outside layer of the teeth). As the hydrogen peroxide gel cuts down, oxygen can enter the enamel and dentin layers of the tooth the bleach and whiten the stain without harming the tooth.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Many people that want a white smile are worried about the effects of bleaching their teeth. Having your teeth professionally bleached is surely the safest way to whiten your teeth, as it guarantees the right strength for your teeth and your desired outcome.

We look forward to attending to you and making your smile shine!

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