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What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a method of eliminating stains from the tooth surface and restoring the natural colour of the teeth. Whitening is a one-time procedure done by a dentist. It is amongst the most recognised and widely utilised cosmetic method.

With the latest Dental technology arrival, we have advanced whitening treatment methods that give safe and long-lasting results. For more reliable results, do get it done from a qualified dental professional.

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What Is the Need for Teeth Whitening?

The enamel, which reflects the natural colour of your tooth, can stain or dentin the inside surface of teeth, spots and yellows the teeth. The problems of tooth discolouration are different. Though many reasons can be prevented yet, there are some which are not in control. The causes of discolouration are:

  • Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco
  • High intake of fluoride during childhood
  • Consuming tea, coffee, wine, cola frequently
  • Damage of growing permanent teeth due to accident or trauma
  • Aging can also add to the staining of teeth as with age, the coating gets thinner, revealing the dentin below. With age, the dentin comes in contact with particular food and beverage and can stain your teeth
  • Specific medical treatments can also contribute to the staining of teeth

Teeth Whitening Procedure: How It Works

The Teeth whitening procedure typically takes less than an hour to undergo. We recommend teeth cleaning before making your teeth whitened. The first task we do is cover your lips and gums, which will show your teeth for the procedure. 

We will later use the whitening gel. After we coat your teeth with the whitening gel, we apply the special whitening light that goes with the gel to penetrate your teeth’ exterior and break up any stains and discolouration you may have. This method typically takes about 15 minutes.

This process is replicated three times, each enduring 15 minutes, for an entire treatment time of 45 minutes. The last step is to apply a gel paste that decreases sensitivity.

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