Peroxide vs Non – Peroxide

Peroxide Vs Non-Peroxide

Peroxide vs Non-peroxide Teeth Whitening treatments.

Peroxide vs non-peroxide is one of the debating topics and these two main kinds of home teeth whitening services on the market today are peroxide-based and non-peroxide treatments. 

To understand better why you ought to utilise a non-peroxide home whitening treatment, you should examine some of the severe side effects caused by the use of the peroxide-based products.

causes of using peroxide

Following some clinical tests, it has been proven that peroxide often causes:

Worries about carbamide peroxide ingredients within tooth whitening products has been growing for several years. 

Now, after recently introduced EU regulations, no tooth whitening product containing over six percent of carbamide peroxide can be freely sold on the open market. 

All products containing this ingredient, in more than the allowed quantity, will be available solely to dentistm, doctors or licensed professionals.

Therefore, in view of all the disadvantages listed above related to peroxide-based teeth whitening treatments, it is far better to utilise peroxide-free teeth whitening products to obtain that dazzling smile.

It is essential to be aware that non-peroxide teeth whitening products ought not just to be utilised because of the side-effects encountered with peroxide products though. When compared with peroxide products, the non-peroxide are superior anyway. 

Even if you just judged these against each other individually, you would still see that the peroxide-free teeth whitening product have lots of additional advantages related to them. These advantages include

There are definitely no toxic ingredients or chemicals contained within peroxide free teeth whitening product. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about any less serious side-effects when using them.

Peroxide free products are simple to use and provide excellent results. Lots of peroxide free products can be used as many times as you like so you can make sure that your teeth stay stain free and whiter for longer time periods.

Those with extremely sensitive teeth can utilise peroxide free products because they don’t irritate or harm your gums or teeth.

The best advantage is that peroxide free products adhere to every EU regulation and are far more likely to be accessible for much longer than the peroxide based products will be.


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